Nick Cannon calls out R. Kelly and music industry 'darkness,' apologizes 'on behalf of all men'

Sara M Moniuszko

Nick Cannon is the latest celebrity to denounce singer R. Kelly, who has been accused of being a sexual predator and was the subject of a six-hour Lifetime docu-series titled, "Surviving R. Kelly" that aired last week.

In a post to Instagram Thursday, Cannon shared clips from the music video of his 2003 track "Gigolo," which features Kelly.

In the post's caption, Cannon talks about the "darkness" of the music industry as a whole before calling out Kelly specifically.

"After much self reflection and meditation, I have to be one of the first to admit that in my past I’ve DEFINITELY turned a blind eye to a lot of darkness in this industry. Let’s stop beating around the bush and call it what it is," the caption reads. "This entire industry was established and built by evil and predatorily spirits and male chauvinistic behavior.  And since the recent media outrage pertaining to @RKELLY I have realized that the REAL issue at hand is the ultimate lack of care and disrespect for our QUEENS."

He then dials in on what he thinks makes men "misuse their power."

"For far too long we have treated women like second class citizens, when in actuality they are the source, our core, and the Superior beings. But our insecurities, Egos, and lack of love has tried to prove otherwise," he continues. "Therefore we have SEVERAL cases where we allow entertainers, executives, and every day individuals abuse and mistreat our life bearers and beautiful equals."

Cannon then made clear that he is "not judging ANY man for his past or his private actions," adding that he is guilty of disrespecting women too, and used the lyrics of the track he shared as an example.

"I have personally witnessed it and will no longer be silent about it. It’s not dry snitching, it’s a paradigm shift," he explained.

He then listed off several other men accused of inappropriate sexual behavior, including Les Moonves, Harvey Weinstein and ‪Steven Tyler, before issuing an apology.

"I will be one of the first to say on behalf of all men, I am Sorry. Please consider (me) an advocate, ally and student that needs guidance in an industry that was designed to take advantage of women," he said. "Let’s change it ALL immediately. And call it all to the table for our ignorance, wrong doings and disrespect. I apologize my Queens."

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