Nick Cannon Implies He Only Has Unprotected Sex

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Nick Cannon received some backlash about his nontraditional relationships and back-to-back babymaking, but the TV host has been steadfast in his belief in his lifestyle. After publicly announcing he was embarking on a therapist-recommended period of abstinence, Cannon gave us an update on where he stands now with sex.

Cannon got candid while appearing on the Lip Service podcast. After chatting about his latest album, Raw & B, host Angela Yee asked the rapper how he decides when to use a condom.

“I don’t have sex with anyone … that I need to be protected with,” he said during the interview.

Yee then questioned what he would do if the woman insisted on using one.

“Then we need to step back and have a whole other conversation,” he replied.

He quickly tried to explain his reasoning, saying that back in the day when he would hook up with “chicks after the show” or from “the club,” it was “condoms all day long.” He said now he’s in a different place and treats sex differently.

“I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have pointless sex,” he said. “This needs to be something. We need to reach a certain level emotionally, spiritually.”

Cannon continued, saying that’s “probably why it ends up in children because I’m not interacting with [and] I’m not engaging with anybody that I don’t have a true love with and want to build something with.”

The hosts later asked if Cannon was going to be a new dad anytime soon, to which he suggested he’s gearing up to welcome a new bundle of joy this year.

“The stork is on the way,” he said, E Online reports. “If you thought the numbers I put up in 2021 was…wait ’til 2022! Y’know, there was a lot of kids last year.”

According to TMZ, he and Abby De La Rosa are expecting another child together.

Despite recently sharing that he was practicing abstinence, the Drumline actor said he started having sex again after the loss of his son Zen.

“I was supposed to make it to the top of the year but, obviously, I started going through some stuff. I got depressed with the loss of my son,” he explained on the podcast. “And the thing is, because everybody saw I was so down, everybody was like, ‘Let me just give him a little vagina. That’s gonna cure it all.'”

He said he “didn’t even make it to January,” and he “fell victim to it because [he] was in a weak state.”

Now, the rapper describes himself as a “highly sexual” person but said he’s not a sex addict.

“My therapist said I’m not a sex addict, I’m a love addict. I’m a pleaser [and] I want people to love me. That’s my issue,” he said.