Nick Cannon’s Show, ‘Who’s Having My Baby With Nick Cannon,’ Has People Confused: ‘Is This Real?’

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon

UPDATE: Nick Cannon’s controversial new show, Who’s Having My Baby? is actually not a real show, much to the relief of the internet– read more here.

Previously reported:

Nick Cannon has now turned his extensive baby-making skills into a game show, hosted by Kevin Hart.

ET Online wrote that Cannon has announced the upcoming E! game show, Who’s Having My Baby With Nick Cannon. Cannon is the judge of women contestants who, apparently…want to have his child.

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Cannon is taking the humor about his love life to the max, not just with the show, but with how he’s promoting the series on Instagram. He wrote on his Instagram account, “We’re expecting…a new show on E!” with a baby bottle emoji.

Fans online reacted to the upcoming series with understandable confusion.

“aye who tf cleared that nick cannon x kevin hart show,” wrote one commenter. “wtf?!”

“Is this real? Wtf?” wrote another Twitter commenter.

“Even though E! has retweeted it, my mind REFUSES to believe Nick Cannon’s new show about finding another baby mama is real,” wrote another Twitter user, with another person writing, “Who asked for this??? Who??? Terrible idea. Not even remotely interested in watching this.”

People in Cannon’s Instagram comments section also questioned the validity of the show, with one person writing, “Seriously? Or is this an early April fools joke?”

Another person also echoed the same sentiment, writing, “This is a joke this is not a real show.” Another wrote, “This is for the new season of Real Husbands of Hollywood right?”

“I feel like this was a well constructed prank,” added another fan.

We’ll see if it’s a real series or just an elaborate joke once Cannon‘s new show hits the airwaves this spring.