Nick Saban surprises 103-year-old WWII veteran

Nick Saban surprises 103-year-old WWII veteran

Video Transcript

- [SIGH]


NICK SABAN: How ya doing?

- Is that the coach?

- Say, hi.

- Hi, coach!

NICK SABAN: I like your hat.

- I appreciate that. I've got two of them.

NICK SABAN: That's good.

- Good for everything. I've been an Alabama fan ever since 1938.

NICK SABAN: Oh, yeah?

- Yeah!

NICK SABAN: You've been a fan for a while now.

- Anyway, I enjoy your players and you, the whole thing.

NICK SABAN: We're trying to get our players back here sometime, so we can start coaching them for the season but, hopefully in a few weeks maybe that can happen. I'm glad to see you doing well and, geez, you know, you being a veteran, we really appreciate your service and all you did. I can't imagine landing on Utah Beach back in the day. That must've been quite an experience, but anyway. We appreciate your support for all these years and I hope you got many more years to come. So that'll be great.

But we're kind of, you know, on pause here because because this pandemic stuff. But we're looking forward to trying to get our players back. We're trying to focus on what we need to do every day to get them ready so when we come back, we'll be better for it. So that's about all that's going on here, so. Have you been mowing your lawn? Been mowing your lawn?

- Mowing your grass, pop pop? He's asked that you mowing your grass?

- Yeah.

- A couple of weeks ago, before the hospital.

NICK SABAN: I hope you got a riding lawn mower.

- I bought one, yeah. Now I got both.

NICK SABAN: That's good. Well, hey, I appreciate having the opportunity to visit with you. And stay safe, god bless you, and we appreciate your support for all these years. You know, Roll Tide, all right?

- Yeah.

- Roll Tide, pop pop.

- Roll Tide!