Nicky Hilton Got Her Dress Caught In A Car Wheel And Flashed Everyone At Her Wedding Yesterday

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Picture the scene if you will: you’re Nicky Hilton, it’s your big day and you’ve decided to go and getting hitched to a gazillionaire at Princess Diana’s old gaff. You’ve splashed out £50,000 on a designer wedding dress, the paps are outside waiting and you basically couldn’t be happier.

So far, so good.

Oh no. OH HELL, NO. Copyright: [Splash]

Then lo and behold, the swanky car you’ve hired has just decided to run over your train and nearly take you and your recently coiffured barnet out with it.

Not exactly an ideal start to your wedding day is it?

And if that’s not enough emotional torture for one day, you go and have yet ANOTHER wardrobe malfunction – your ridiculously expensive dress decides to go for an unannounced trip northwards, exposing your presumably quite fancy knickers to the waiting hordes of people.

Good lord.

Smile through the pain babes, smile through the pain. Copyright: [Splash]

Thankfully, Nicky Hilton appears to be a lot more emotionally stable than us, as despite these ‘slip ups’ she managed to remain composed, smiling and downright radiant throughout – and not turn into a wailing hysterically mess, manically lunging at her bridesmaids.

The businesswoman/heiress/model/probably something else too brushed off all these pre-wedding dramas to get hitched to the equally mega-loaded James Rothschild at Kensington Palace yesterday.

Hurrah! She still looks amazing. Copyright: [Splash]

Also in attendance was Nicky’s sister Paris Hilton, who graciously took some time to pose for photographers and fans, and definitely didn’t forget at all that the big day was supposed to be about her sister, and not herself.

Hiya Paris! Copyright: [Splash]

The couple were also joined by a shed-load of celebrity pals too, including Kate Beckinsale, Petra Ecclestone, and Chelsea Clinton, (the one off of 'Queen of Pop’ Hillary Clinton).

Sadly we were unable to attend, mainly because we don’t earn £394,000,435 per week, but we were definitely there in spirit, especially when Nicky’s dress went and did a bit of a cock-up.

Anyway, it all looks ruddy marvellous and romantic and that, so 'hip-hip-hooray’ to the happy couple. MWAH.

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