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Niecy Nash on Why ‘The Masked Singer’ Almost Made Her ‘Cry Her Fake Eyelashes Off’ (Exclusive)

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ET spoke with the interim 'Masked Singer' host ahead of the show's season 5 premiere March 10 on Fox.

Video Transcript

- Big changes coming to "The Masked Singer."

- And next week's season five premiere won't have main host, Nick Cannon.

- Uh-uh.

- He took time to focus on his health, after his coronavirus diagnosis.

- Indeed, so coming in with the assist-- the one and only Niecy Nash.

- Welcome to the new guest host-- me, Niecy Nash!

- Aw!

- Have you gotten the chance to speak to Nick at all?

NIECY NASH: I have had a chance to speak to him. He comes in a little, in like the second half of the season.

- OK

NIECY NASH: I was honored to stand in the gap, and just be a tiny placeholder.

- Is there a world to where, maybe, you could come back and guest host again?

NIECY NASH: (SINGING) Is there a world?

Yeah, I would love it. I mean, it was a great job.

- I think it's Nick Lachey.

- Jenny Slate.

- Jamie Foxx.

- The season of surprises.

- Woo!

- This season, there's like a new twist.


- Wow.

NIECY NASH: Mind blown. I'm literally standing on stage. I have the [INAUDIBLE] in, and they're like, "hey guys," in my ear. There's a wild card. Somebody else is coming out to join the competition. And I'm like, wh-wh-what? A-a-a-and now we have a wild card!

I know exactly who it is!

- You do?

- No.

- The 51-year-old fill-in host got a big welcome from producers. They surprised her with a video message, from her new wife Jessica Betts.

NIECY NASH: I wanted to cry my fake eyelashes off. I was like (SOBS) Oh my god, that was so sweet.

- How could you not, like, spill everything about "The Masked Singer" to Jessica? Because she's a musician.

NIECY NASH: They keep those secrets like they are in a vault.

- Yeah.

NIECY NASH: And everybody came out and stood next to me with a big mask on-- I'm like, did we date?

- Niecy and Jessica said "I do," in August, in a surprise wedding, following her divorce from second husband Jay Tucker. The newlyweds were friends for years before things turned romantic.

NIECY NASH: I lovingly call her my "hers-band."

- I just got to say, you look amazing.

NIECY NASH: Listen, this is the most I've ever weighed in my entire life. But this spouse upstairs, every pound-- "Dang, you look good, girl."

- You know, Eric, Niecy told me "when you're loved right, it's a game changer."

- Oh, always.

- Yes, yes indeed. And you know what, congratulations to Niecy because she's hosting this year's GLAAD Media Awards. The virtual ceremony will stream on YouTube and Hulu on April the 8th.