Nigerian entrepreneur makes pasta from local cassava

STORY: This Nigerian entrepreneur is making pasta and noodles

from locally grown cassava and plantains

(Renee Chuks, Aldente Africa CEO)

‘’We looked inward to like what kind of products we have that we eat everyday. Cassava is one of our major, major products, there will always be by-products from cassava. So we figured let’s start with that, if we are able to get good success with cassava then everything else will follow.’’

Chuks says Aldente Africa is one of the first companies

to make gluten-free pasta in Nigeria

She hopes to attract consumers looking for healthier and more affordable options

at a time when Nigerians are grappling with higher food prices and inflation

(Renee Chuks, Aldente Africa CEO)

‘’The need to eat what grows in our land. The need to secure the food in our land, to not get everything that we eat from outside, instead, create from inside and then share with the world the goodness that we have.’’