Night roadwork has started on Route 322 and is coming to downtown State College. What to know

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More night roadwork is coming to Centre County.

Overnight crack sealing has already begun on U.S. Route 322 between Boalsburg and Potters Mills but, starting next Tuesday, it will also start on Beaver and College avenues in downtown State College. According to PennDOT, the overnight roadwork on 322 will continue through Monday and will reduce the road to a single lane with flaggers providing traffic control.

In downtown State College, overnight crack sealing will take place from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. next Tuesday through May 19 — and nearby residents will likely experience noise at points. Still, PennDOT told the borough the night work “would minimize the overall impacts to the public and would be less disruptive than a lane closure or detour during the daylight operations.”

Beaver and College avenues will be reduced to one lane during working hours, and it’s likely that only one road will be worked on at a given time. During non-work hours, both lanes will remain open.

The CDT asked a PennDOT spokesperson what residents could expect from the noise and how it might compare to a jackhammer, for example.

“There will be some noise associated with this work, owning mainly to use of an air compressor,” PennDOT spokesperson Marla Fannin said. “That noise is not comparable to a jackhammer but could be annoying to folks living in the area.

“We appreciate their understanding and patience as we create a temporary inconvenience that allows for a long-term repair/solution.”

Borough Council approved the night roadwork Monday night, although the work was initially slated to take place between Sunday and May 19 while also involving patching operations. Two PennDOT spokespeople clarified the plan instead called for work between Tuesday and May 19.