Late Night Severe Storms Possible In Colorado

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- --on the plains.

LAUREN WHITNEY: Yes, very active. We have a little bit of rain in Northwestern Colorado, but the big stuff, so far, has been in the Northeast, and even out into parts of Nebraska. We have three tornado warnings in place right now. There have been much more than that, and we have a few scattered showers off to our West. We do have a tornado watch in Northeastern Colorado, parts of Nebraska, and Kansas through one o'clock in the morning.

Now, this is actually not rare to get a tornado watch for us, but this particular one is semi-rare. It's called a particularly dangerous situation, a PDS. Colorado's only ever had 12 of them in its history since they started doing this in the '90s. We know we get tornadoes, but again, these are particularly dangerous tornadoes.

So these could be some big ones in some areas, but we already know Nebraska is getting some of those. Last time we had one of these was back in 2017. So another look at our satellite and radar, again, great to get a little bit of moisture. Nothing severe off to our West, but here's the big stuff, right now, again, in that Northeastern part of the state.

These have died down, but this storm was producing golf ball sized hail not that long ago. And as we take a wider look, you can see some big weather, even all the way up into parts of Montana. So we're sort of trapped between two systems right now, a high over Oklahoma and that low over parts of Idaho. So in between that, we are funneling in some more moisture.

That's causing a lot of instability for us, and we're going to continue to see that wet weather and severe weather through tonight. But then on Thursday and Friday, those chances do go down quite a bit. And we're mainly dry through Friday after we get past today, and then we shake things up as we head into the holiday weekend. And we are looking at some very stormy conditions.

Let's look at our Futurecast for the rest of the night. Those storms are fairly isolated out East, so they're not really even showing up. But you could get some late night thunderstorms, even in Northeastern Colorado. Tomorrow, we wake up to sunshine, and we'll see the chance of storms mainly in the southern part of the state tomorrow. Not very widespread.

Most of that will, again, be in Southern Colorado, but there could be a pop or two that potentially turns severe in that southeastern quadrant of Colorado. It's also been very windy, especially in the high country and off to the West. Pretty wicked wind in many areas, so we do have a red flag warning in place, still, through eight o'clock tonight for Western Colorado. 77, right now, in Denver, 76 in Fort Collins, 78, 80s off to the West, 60s, 70s in the high country, 70s off to the West, and we have 71 from our Weather Watcher, Kelly Harris, in Golden.

Let's check in with our Almanac. 77, our high today in Denver, so above normal for us. 75 downtown. We didn't quite crack to the 80 degree marker, like we thought we would. But still, pretty warm for a very, very cloudy day.

Tonight, 50 in Denver, 48 in Greeley, 50s for the far Eastern Plains. 30 for the most part in the high country. 30 to the 50s off to our West, and tomorrow, temperatures about the same as today. 75 in Denver and Greeley. Low 80s in the Southeast, lots of 60s, mid 70s in the high country, 70s to the low 80s off to the West.

Now on Friday, Thursday, we're fairly dry for Northern Colorado. Storms down to the South, but on Saturday, we start to see those storms increase. We cool off to the 60s on Sunday with a pretty decent chance for some rain, and then we're in the low 60s on Monday. So I don't know what it is with Memorial Day weekend. I feel like it's Halloween, and we always say it snows on Halloween. But I feel like it always storms.