Night-time shelling of Zaporizhzhia damaged 42 private houses and 34 flats


The latest Russian round of shelling damaged 42 private houses and 34 flats in ten multi-storey buildings in Zaporizhzhia; some of the apartments had already been damaged earlier in the evening.

Source: Anatolii Kurtiev, Secretary of the Zaporizhzhia City Council

Quote: "Zaporizhzhia residents! The last Ruscist shelling damaged 42 houses in the private sector and 34 apartments in ten high-rise buildings of the city. These are terrible numbers. It is scary to imagine what the people who were awakened by the sound of explosions, broken glass and gutted roofs went through.

But I am sure that we, residents of Zaporizhzhia, will not be intimidated, broken, or subdued. This is evident from the fact that even after such a difficult night, the city began to work the next morning, and the appropriate services were engaged in clearing up the consequences of the attacks.

I drove to the site of the shelling, talked to utility workers and representatives of management companies, and made sure that they were working quickly. At this time, damage has been repaired in ten apartments and twelve private houses."

Details: Russian shelling on Monday night also left part of the city without electricity for a while. Kurtiev promised that on Tuesday, the street lights would be turned on at dawn in all districts.

Background: On the night of September 19, Russian forces launched missiles on infrastructure targets in the city of Zaporizhzhia, hitting it a total of eight times.

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