The Nightclub for “Hot” People Only?

Should a nightclub pre-screen its patrons based on their appearance? The Doctors discuss a club that is slated to open in Los Angeles that will base admission on your level of hotness.

The website is venturing out into the nightlife business, where the guests will have to appear before a panel to determine if they are good looking enough to get in.

Greg Hodge, the company’s managing director, joins The Doctors to explain more about the potentially controversial club. The Doctors question the idea behind the club calling it superficial, elitist and promoting unhealthy self-image issues, especially for women.

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“We celebrate beauty in all of its diversity,” he says responding to the criticisms. He claims the idea is based on being exclusive and not discriminatory.

So how will potential patrons be deemed beautiful or not?

“Any leading bar, in any of the star capitals of the world, they all have people screening at the door,” he says, explaining that there will be a person at the door who ensures that people’s photos on the website live up to what they look like in real life. If the website member brings a guest, then the person at the door will make an on the spot judgement call if they are hot enough to enter the club. “That’s the nature of the beast, that’s the concept.”

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The Doctors would like to note that the nightclub will also have a policy that if someone is rich enough, then they are guaranteed access, regardless of their looks – hot or otherwise.