'A Nightmare': Brockton Widow Concerned About City's Rise In COVID Cases After Losing Husband To Virus

WBZ-TV's Bill Shields reports.

Video Transcript

PAULA EVANS: Back in the red, Brockton is once again going to be labeled as a high-risk community for coronavirus. Thanks for joining us, I'm Paula Evans.

DAVID WADE: And I'm David Wade. That city spent the past month at yellow but lost those gains. We just got the updated list from the state, and there are now 55 communities in the red. Last week, there were 32. And there were only 12 red communities the week before that. As WBZ's Bill Shields tells us, people in Brockton are frustrated.

BILL SHIELDS: A steady stream of people getting vaccinated in Brockton today. And while it's heartening to see, it's small comfort for Connie Medeiros. Just weeks ago, she lost her husband and father to COVID just days apart.

CONNIE MEDEIROS: It's just a nightmare. I still don't accept it. I just feel like he's still in the hospital. I feel like my dad's still in the hospital. I just-- I can't explain it.

BILL SHIELDS: The vaccines are here, and people are getting immunized. Still, despite the best efforts of city officials, Brockton has gone back into the red.

ROBERT SULLIVAN: It's a little disheartening, but we need to continue to be vigilant and diligent, and, you know, educate and inform. And as you said, you know, don't get complacent. Wear the mass, social distance, and, if you're eligible to get that vaccine--

CONNIE MEDEIROS: And I just don't understand how people think it's still a flu.

BILL SHIELDS: Kane Medeiros was 43 years old, healthy and strong, yet COVID got him. Now, Connie worries about her four-year-old son.

CONNIE MEDEIROS: The variants are still out there, and we don't know. It makes me nervous. And now, my son only has one parent. It makes me nervous about that, you know? [SOBS] I don't know. Just, I don't know. It's not fair.

BILL SHIELDS: Connie Medeiros now lives her life minute to minute, struggling to understand how this virus could take two of the most important people in her life. In Brockton, I'm Bill Shields, WBZ News.