‘It’s like a nightmare’: Loved ones speak out on missing California man

Loved ones are asking for the community’s help in locating a man from Granite Bay who’s been missing for nearly one month.

Video Transcript

- At about 10 o'clock, I think, I came out and said, I'm going to go to bed, Michael. I'm tired myself, and good night. And that-- and he said good night. And that was it.

- That was on May 1, a Saturday night. It was the last time Michael Gonzalez saw his 27-year-old son Mike in their Granite Bay home. Michael says his son had just finished HVAC school and was excited to begin a new career, so there wasn't any reason he can think of that Michael would just leave on his own without letting anyone know.

- I called him, and he didn't pick up. It went right to voicemail.

- Mike's girlfriend told Michael that Mike was at the gym. Mike continued to reach out to his son with texts and voicemail.

- And he didn't respond. So I thought, OK, what's going on here?

- The Placer County Sheriff's Office is investigating this as a missing persons case. Authorities have tracked Mike's 2000 teal Toyota Camry from a license plate reader around Sacramento County, including Greenback Lane, Madison Avenue near I-80, Marcone Avenue, and Roseville Road, the place the Camry was last spotted. Michael says, in the past, his son would only be gone for a couple of days at the most, usually crashed at a friend's house.

- He's always been with me. I've never-- he's never been out of-- he's never been away from me for more than a day or two.

- But Michael says he could always get in touch with his son.

- It's surreal. It's like a nightmare.

- Mike's best friend, Milan Bertani, was at a birthday party with him just two days before he went missing. He also spoke to him the following day.

- The next day, I call-- I was calling him, and his phone was off basically. And then I hadn't heard from him.

- Milan says he searched the areas where Mike's car was seen for any sign of Mike or his car.

- If his phone's off or broken, he'll call us off a phone, off the hotel phone, off of something. He's a social person. Someone will lend him their phone, and he'll call us.

- Michael, make a phone call. Reach out to anybody, anybody, but just tell them you want to get home. And any problems you might have, whatever problem you think you might have, no matter how big you think it is, how big of a problem it might be, we can solve it.