Nightwatch: The Great Unknown

The unexpected reigns in the city of New Orleans as EMS responders answer calls about a child shooting, a multiple-vehicle car accident, a reported suicide attempt, and a veteran struggling with a drug overdose. It is a night shift where things are not always what they seem.

Video Transcript

- NOPD is on scene. We're going to take in a 4A male who was assaulted with a baseball bat. Code two in the first.

- Who hits a man with a bat.

- They went Sammy Sosa on them.

- You got to piss somebody off to hit you with a bat.

- It's kind of like a thing of opportunity too, like it just happened to be a bat. That's a little suspect. You got the Louisville Slugger on deck.

We don't know yet where the patient was struck, but knowing the weapon used cues me in on some injuries that we might come across. And a lot of those involve blunt force trauma.

32, 48 we're on scene.

If it's to the head we want to think about skull injuries, to the torso, we want to think about bruising. But if it's to the head, this could be really bad.

What's up, my man? I'm Joe, with EMS.

- Joe, sir.

- How are you, man?

- Hurt.

- You hurting?

- The man upstairs hit me with a bat. Look right here. It's fractured.

He hit you with a bat?

- You raised your arm up to block it?

- I see its kind of swollen up right there. I ain't even going to touch it. It look like it hurt. Let me see. Is that where he got you, right there?

- Yeah.

- I see a knot right there. You can wiggle your fingers and all that? It Let me check a pulse, all right.

- No.

- That's it? All right. You want to go to the hospital and get an X-ray?

- It's fractured.

- I would suggest-- little fracture.

- What's your name, my man?

- Joe.

- Joe?

- Oh, your name's Joe. Easy to remember, right? You didn't get hit anywhere else, right? Just your arm?

- He hit me and--

- And ran right back inside.

- A hit and run, of sorts.

- I would have had to broke his knee cap.

- You said, you would have broke his knee cap? Well, did he show up with a bat, or the bat just happened to be there? I'm curious.

- No, he showed up with it.

- Oh, he showed up with the bat.

- He's a sissy.

- You said he's a sissy? A wimp.

- All right, Mr. Joe, look man, I know that arm hurting.

- That arm is hurting. Let me check the blood pressure on this one. OK?

- You have a little bruise to your arm, all right?

- I don't see any major deformity, or anything.

- It look like it hurt.

- It hurts.

- It's just swollen.

- It hurt?

- It hurt?


- Probably fractured, yeah.

- [INAUDIBLE] the pain.

- Oh, yeah.

- All right. All right, look, I'm going to have to grab it.

- Ut-oh.

- No. No.

- Let me throw this on you, man.

- He ain't even talked to you, how'd he hit you with a bat? Now, Mr. Joe, I got to ask you-- we ask this to everybody-- any drinking or drugs today?

- Two hours ago, the only thing, a little wine.

- A little wine?

- That much.

- I seen your wine glass sitting beside you.

- That's beer. That beer.

- That was beer? A little bit to we your throat, huh?

We're responding to a call for a patient that was hit in the arm with a bat and right now, only thing that we could see is a lot of swelling and a lot of bruising.

- Let's wrap it up, dude.

- All right, Mr. Joe. What I'm going to do is I'm going to make a little makeshift splint, get you right, brother. And you didn't get knocked out, right? He didn't hit you in your head?

- He never played baseball. He ain't got no power. Listen, dude, what we're going to do, I'mma try not to make it hurt too much, all right. Don't move it. I know brother, I know. Hold this close to your body, all right, just like this. Wiggle your fingers for me. All right, all right. There we go.

If it is fractured, I don't want it to be wobbling, because it could actually cut a vein in his arms, so right now we just want to keep that arm steady as possible and keep it close to his body.

- Say [INAUDIBLE] very much.

- Man, you know what, you appreciate it, man. Look, that's my job. I just hate the fact that you and your neighbor got into it, bro.

- Over food.

- So what, did he want the food, or did he take the food, like what happened?

- I wanted my card back.

- Oh, so you try to take care of it, and he didn't want to give you your card back.

- Two days.

- Man, I'm sorry to hear that, bro. So you trying to help him out and he don't want to give the card back, so now you can't eat. That's some old bull [BLEEP], Joe. I ain't gon' lie.

Man, this brother, he's a cool cat. He gives his neighbor his own food card so his neighbor can eat. Then when he wants to get it back, his neighbor gets mad and hit him with a baseball bat. It's messed up.

- All right, we're going to pull you out.

- Did you get your card back? Did the police get your card back for you?

- His neighbor was hungry, so he was looking out for him. So he gets an injury, we look out for the person that got injured. It's just all a big circle. New Orleans is a great community. If you're hungry, we'll feed you. If you're hurt, we'll get you to the hospital.

We gon' make sure you get it back, Joe. We're going to check on you.

- Man, that's a nice splitting job you got there, Titus.

- Oh, yeah.

- Yeah, yeah, good job, [INAUDIBLE]