Nikki Haley calls on 'every governor' in US to ban funding for critical race theory in public schools

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Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley is calling on "every governor" in the United States to "ban" the funding of critical race theory instruction in public schools.

Haley, a Republican who previously served as South Carolina governor, argued critical race theory has "lasting effects" on children and that it should not be taught in grade school, as it is already taught at the collegiate level.

"Every governor in the country needs to ban funding for critical race theory. Governors can decide this. They decide what money they take from the Department of Education. Don't take this money," Haley told Fox News on Monday.


Haley's call to action for U.S. governors to ban the controversial philosophy comes as seven states have already passed legislation banning public schools from teaching the theory, which maintains racism is systemic within U.S. institutions.

The former U.N ambassador said she was "teased" as a child by her peers in rural South Carolina for being Indian, recalling advice her mother told her when she was young.

"My mom would say, 'Your job is to show them how you're similar and not how you're different,'" Haley said.

Haley previously took to Twitter on July 7 to criticize the theory that is being debated by parents and school board officials across the country, saying, "America should be united around shared values, not divided by different shades of color."

At least 26 states have introduced bills or taken steps to restrict the teaching of critical race theory, with numerous conservative leaders across the country fighting to implement anti-CRT legislation.

Former President Donald Trump has also raised alarm bells regarding the academic theory, saying, "We will defeat the radical leftist, socialist Marxists, and the critical race theorists," during a Sunday speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.


Those on the Left have defended the theory. After a weekslong battle, Nikole Hannah-Jones, whose work has contributed to critical race theory, was granted tenure at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a decision celebrated by the White House.

"I have not spoken with the president about the decision on tenure by the institution in North Carolina. I will say that the students at Howard are quite lucky to have her as a professor in their family," said White House press secretary Jen Psaki Tuesday, referencing Hannah-Jones's work as Howard University's Knight chairwoman.

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