The Mooch Does Total Face Plant Over Rocker Nils Lofgren; Twitter Wits Roar

It began with Hall of Fame rocker Nils Lofgren offering a profane Twitter takedown of former blink-of-an-eye White House communications chief Anthony Scaramucci. The clapback from Scaramucci, widely known as the Mooch, was a hilarious self-own that “nobody knows who” Lofgren is.

The result? Twitter wags roared. David Crosby (Note to Scaramucci: he’s also a musician) slammed: “Nils is so much more of a human being than you, Mooch.” 

Some on Twitter hoped Scaramucci wasn’t seriously hoping to replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders as the next White House press secretary because he’d probably have to brush up on his knowledge of key cultural references first. (Maybe not.)

The E Street Band guitarist kicked off the confrontation on Twitter Friday, lashing Scaramucci’s earlier interview on MSNBC when the Mooch insisted Sanders spoke “what she thought was the truth at the time she was saying certain things.”

Scaramucci responded, calling Lofgren a “second fiddle.” After several back-and-forth jabs, Lofgren pointed out to Scaramucci that he’s not the one “trying to get a job on a sinking ship.”

When Brian Koppleman, co-creator of the TV series “Billions,” piped in to hail Lofgren as “one of the greats” — and Lofgren thanked him, Scaramucci called the musician a “nobody.” He added: “I am happy for you that I was able to raise your profile for a few moments after you attacked me.”

Twitter users went bonkers.

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Bizarrely, Scaramucci suddenly tried to make nice Saturday evening after the viral dustup, perhaps realizing bringing Lofgren fans down on his head was not a bright move. He ended up retweeting Lofgren’s message touting his latest album, congratulating him, promising to buy the music and urging the musician to “be nice.”

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misidentified David Crosby as a former bandmate of Lofgren’s.

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