The Nine Best Kitchen Rugs You Can Buy Online, According to Customer Reviews

It's time to splurge on your kitchen.There are many kitchen mats and carpetsthat provide the best of both worlds, strikingthe balance between style and function:.Best Kitchen Runner: UniqueLoom Sofia Collection TraditionalVintage Runner Rug, $39.Best Anti-Fatigue: Sky SolutionsOasis Anti-Fatigue Mat, from $34.97.Best Washable: ReaLife RugsMachine Washable Rug, from $54.Most Ergonomic: GelPro Elite DecoratorLattice Kitchen Mat, from $124.99.Best Water-Resistant: iDesignBamboo Floor Mat, from $13.79.Best Kitchen Sink Rug: Cosy HomeerHalf Round Rug, from $15.99