Nine things Saudi women still can't do

Women in Saudi Arabia are expected to cover from head to toe when in public (AFP Photo/Fayez Nureldine) (AFP)

Riyadh (AFP) - Saudi women vote Saturday for the first time in elections but still face a host of other restrictions, among the tightest in the world.

Under Saudi policies and practices women cannot:

- Drive. Saudi Arabia is the world's only country banning women from getting behind the wheel.

- Travel, without the consent of a male family member known as a guardian

- Marry, without the consent of a guardian

- Work, without the consent of a guardian

- Appear in public without covering herself in a black abaya robe from head to toe

- Receive the same amount of inheritance as a man

- Work in certain jobs

- Mingle with unrelated men in public places such as restaurants

- Divorce as easily as a man

Saudi women can:

- Vote in municipal elections, the kingdom's only polls for public officials

- Sit on the Shura Council, an appointed body which advises cabinet

- Hold the most senior corporate executive posts

- Work in government administration and an expanding number of private sector areas, including as lawyers

- Be forced to marry at a young age, as there is no legally defined minimum age