Nine years of Russian violence against Ukraine have changed us and the whole world

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Travel, first love, studying, professional development, and learning about the world have all been replaced with war and an understanding that life could end at any moment due to Russia's shelling Ukraine with missiles.

You might say that it is possible to live, love, study, and acquire qualifications to the sounds of air raid sirens, or even while waiting for the missiles used by Putin's soldiers to hit civilian cities, schools, universities, hospitals, and shopping centers.

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Maybe it is still possible to study the basics of surgery or management in the basement, which is also a bomb shelter, with a flashlight. I'm talking about something else here: Russia, by force of arms, took away from millions of people what they’d had as an inalienable human right to normal life (having a home, food, an opportunity for development, and hope for the future).

The four-year-old girl killed by the Russians in the center of peaceful Vinnytsia will likely be deemed among the victims of this war. Putin, who came up with his whole theory of "Ukrainian Nazism" to legitimize the killing of Ukrainians, in fact, gobbled this child down for breakfast. I wonder if he wiped his lips with a snow-white napkin given to him on time by Russian lackeys (a collective image of the entire Russian people supporting the bloody invasion of Ukraine) after this bloody meal?

And how many victims of this war have not been counted? The unborn because their parents got killed. Women with aborted pregnancies because why give birth to children in a world where they are killed by aerial bombs, rockets, cluster bombs, and phosphorus? Or those who were never born due to physical reasons and their mothers' stress and suffering?

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Doctors have reported an increase in premature births, ending in the babies' deaths. Taras Shevchenko has a poem, "And to the dead, and the living, and the unborn." I didn't get it at first: why speak to the unborn?

Now I understand Taras Hryhorovych very well. Russians have always killed Ukrainians during wars and artificially organized famines. As a result, I think there must be millions of souls of those who were supposed to come into this world, somewhere in heaven.

But this opportunity was taken away from them. A natural right, not permission from Putin. This rabid Russian animal, leading multimillion-strong Russia, simply took over the functions of God (if He exists somewhere) to decide who has the right to live and who does not, on the scale of entire nations.

Now Putin, his subordinates, and millions of Russians supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are taking away this natural right to life, even from the unborn.

Interestingly, all these murderers look pious, praying passionately to their "patriarch" Kirill-Gundyaev, and fumigated with incense they consecrate Putin's armed forces for further murder, destruction, and genocide.

Will anyone count those who died of a heart attack during Putin's aggression and shelling, whose hearts could not bear to look at the destroyed country and the burned ground in place of their home? Upon returning from the frontlines, PFVMH military medic Viktor Belilovets (call sign Fentanyl) died in his Kyiv apartment from a heart attack.

He’d saved people under fire in Irpin and Bucha before going to the east. But his heart failed him at home. The sufferings of the people he’d saved in the operating room must have struck the doctor right in the heart. The war does not pass without a trace, even for those, it doesn’t kill directly with an aerial bomb or a fragment of a 120 mm mine...

It is unlikely that anyone will fathom the moral trauma of millions of people forced to leave their homes and flee from Russian artillery shelling to hide somewhere in a foreign land. These people lost everything they had: their homes, jobs, businesses, education, and contact with relatives.

The Russian occupiers entered their homes to turn them into pigsties and steal washing machines, TV sets, and computers. This is what Russian "greatness" is all about. This poor, backward, and bloodthirsty country is going to "rise from its knees" by destroying everything around it: people, houses, and morals. It is a result of "collecting the lands" this Kremlin scumbag thinks of as his property.

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Indeed, no one can measure the depth of the wound inflicted on Ukrainians by the ax with which Putin the leader, and the population of the Russian federation supporting him try to bind Russia. Nine years of violence, murder, suffering, and destroying our country are due to the Russian leader's maniacal "mission" of restoring the empire and are the result of the Russians' desire to seize Ukraine's resources, food, and energy.

Don’t think that Putin is interested in Ukraine’s citizens being loyal to him and that he is going to "protect" them - it’s just another myth of Russian propaganda. The Russian army has been killing these “Russian World” sympathizers by entire agglomerations in the east of Ukraine.

We have been through a lot. And we do not know how much more we have to pay for our lives and freedom.

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The Putinists keep killing people and destroying our country as the war continues. But I know for sure that Ukraine will win. Even at a hefty cost. And a new state will emerge in the world because we have no right to win and merely leave everything as is.

Personally, I would exchange our oligarchs, “cemented” since the times of Kravchuk-Kuchma and their successors with their deeply rooted corruption, controlled justice, and lobbyist clans in politics, for an effective anti-missile defense system shooting down Russian shells along with strategic bombers far away from our borders. To do so, we have to be strong.

The enemy must know that each attack will result in a devastating counterattack, so even the idea of mocking Ukraine will look like an act of suicide. That's exactly how it will be after all we’ve been going through. In the name of those who died in this war, protecting the world from Russian fascism.