Ninja Warrior Gym To Open In Downtown St. Paul

The Ninja Warrior gym opening in the Treasure Island building in St. Paul will be a space to work your body, mind, and spirit, Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield reports (2:03) WCCO 4 News At 5 - May 14, 2021

Video Transcript

- As of tomorrow, there's going to be a lot of action in downtown St. Paul.

- A Ninja Warrior gym is opening up in the Treasure Island building. As Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield shows us, this new collaboration will be a space to work your body, mind, and spirit.

- Come on, come on, come on come on! Got it, nice!

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: Minneso, Dan Delano, is a professional Ninja Warrior. He's testing out the new toys here at this new downtown gym in St. Paul.

DAN DELANO: I'm a get great workout out of it, while having a ton of fun.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: Conquer Warrior gym opens on Saturday. As impressive as this facility is, these are not the only obstacles these guys are here to conquer. Ben Utecht is behind the idea, but it took him a while to get where he is today.

BEN UTECHT: I thought to myself, OK, I work out. Former NFL tight-end, and the first time I tried to do the Ninja gym, I fell flat on my face.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: But he's got the swing of things now and is ready to launch this multifaceted project with vision and soul.

BEN UTECHT: It's all about improving the human condition. And if we can do it through crazy ninja obstacles and chiropractic adjustments, then that's what we're going to sell out to for this incredible St. Paul downtown.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: The space also has a standard gym where downtown workers can join for 25 bucks a month. There's a chiropractic and wellness center offering physical and mental support, and they are launching a nonprofit to make sure all families can get in on the fun.

JAMAL GIPSON: I grew up in North Minneapolis.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: Former football player and social worker, Jamal Gipson, is heading up the nonprofit wing. He plans to give kids and their families free and timely access to a place where they can not only play, but work out with local police officers.

JAMAL GIPSON: And I want this place to be one of those examples of what it can look like when you take people from different backgrounds and work together to build and focus on community.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: At a place where work and play collide.

JAMAL GIPSON: Having fun, yes, and developing community, yes. Like, that's my dream.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: In St. Paul, Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield, WCCO 4 News.

- Concord Ninja Warrior gym opens to the general public tomorrow at noon and Sunday at 1:30 for $15 a person.