Nissin is releasing caffeinated Cup Noodles for gamers


Nissin recently unveiled its newest product in Japan: caffeinated Cup Noodles targeted at gamers.

About the new product: “Gaming Cup Noodle” is sauce-based and comes in two flavors: curry and garlic black pepper yakisoba. The former includes a base of vegetables and pork, while the latter has cabbage, egg, shrimp and pork.

The Cup Noodles have "no soup, so there is no need to worry about getting your hands and peripherals dirty, making them the perfect meal for in between playing games,” according to a news release.

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Why they created it: Nissin explained that it aimed to create a “gamer-friendly” product because “the gaming population in Japan is growing year by year, especially among young people, and the number is said to have surpassed 50 million.”

Release date and price: The new product will be made available across Japan on Sept. 18. The curry flavor will be priced at 298 yen (approximately $2) while the yakisoba flavor will be priced at 280 yen (approximately $1.89).

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