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From Nixon to Trump, John Boehner reflects on how history will judge past presidents

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From President Nixon to President Trump, former Speaker of the House John Boehner reflects on how past presidents will be remembered in the history books.

Video Transcript

SUSAN PAGE: You've known 10 presidents. How would you say history will judge Richard Nixon?

JOHN BOEHNER: We would never have a relationship with China without him, but he went through a rather sordid affair.

SUSAN PAGE: Gerald Ford?

JOHN BOEHNER: Most decent president I've ever met.

SUSAN PAGE: Jimmy Carter?

JOHN BOEHNER: He had a rather controversial presidency and frankly, I think he became more famous after.

SUSAN PAGE: Ronald Reagan?

JOHN BOEHNER: The reason I became a Republican.

SUSAN PAGE: George H.W. Bush?

JOHN BOEHNER: What a wonderful man.

SUSAN PAGE: Bill Clinton?

JOHN BOEHNER: One of the best politicians in my lifetime.

SUSAN PAGE: George W. Bush?

JOHN BOEHNER: My brother, literally. We are, we're like brothers. We're like two peas out of the same pod. I can tell you more stories. He's just the best.

SUSAN PAGE: Barack Obama?

JOHN BOEHNER: A good man. Not a great president, but a good man who tried hard.

SUSAN PAGE: How will history judge Donald Trump?

JOHN BOEHNER: I don't think very well.