NJ Coronavirus, Reopen Updates / Asbury Park Update / NJ Protests

Tom Davis

Check out the top news that made headlines this week across the Patch network in New Jersey:

NJ Coronavirus, Reopen Update: Here's What You Need To Know (UPDATE)

New Jersey's death toll is now 12,589, and 523 new cases and 103 more deaths were announced on Saturday. Here are the areas with new cases, the town-by-town and county-by-county totals and the latest coronavirus and reopening developments in New Jersey.>>>Read more here.

Asbury Park Reverses Reopen Plan After Gov. Murphy's Court Order

Gov. Phil Murphy got a court order to prevent Asbury Park from defying the state. The city reversed its plan.

Protests Continue As NJ Leaders Seek Change In Policing Policy

Protests continue across the state as nationwide calls for police reform begin to take shape. Here's what's happening in your town.

AG Reveals Video Of NJ Trooper's Fatal Shooting Of Black Man

A New Jersey State Police trooper fatally shot Maurice Gordon during a traffic stop, and his family wonders if race was an issue.

Point Pleasant Beach Mayor: 'Town Was Treated Like Toilet'

Mayor Paul Kanitra, Gov. Phil Murphy and police addressed how they responded to a "party" at Point Beach, and how tragedy struck afterward.

Gov. Murphy Lifts NJ Stay-At-Home Order, Allows Bigger Gatherings

WATCH: Gov. Murphy will allow bigger gatherings, paving the way for church services, graduations and protests to occur. Here's how.

New NJ Coronavirus Rules: Here's What Can Be Done Inside, Outside

New Jersey has a long set of rules for outside and inside gatherings, but you may be surprised by what the Murphy administration is now allowing.

'It Was Not His Time:' Toms River Men Mourn Father Killed In VA

John Menna Sr., a former NJ resident, was slain in his home; his sons, John Jr. and Tommy, are left to pick up the pieces of his life.

Chatham Mom Asks Community If Her Son Is Safe. Hundreds Respond.

Zandie Sutton took to social media with her concerns. Then, 548 neighbors, police officers and officials shared their stories and support.

Gov. Murphy: NJ Pools To Reopen Amid Coronavirus: Here's When

Gov. Phil Murphy says NJ pools can reopen amid the coronavirus. Here's when.

This article originally appeared on the Point Pleasant Patch