NJ Coronavirus Updates / NJ Reopenings / Missing Wallet Mystery

Tom Davis

Check out the top news that made headlines this week across the Patch network in New Jersey:

NJ Coronavirus Updates: Here's What You Need To Know (UPDATED)

New Jersey's death toll is now 10,356, and 1,272 new cases were announced on Sunday. Here are the areas with new cases, town-by-town and county-by-county totals and the latest coronavirus developments in New Jersey on Sunday.>>>Read more here.

Gov. Murphy: 'Hard Dates' For NJ Coronavirus Reopening (UPDATE)

Gov. Phil Murphy has been releasing "hard dates" and more specifics on NJ's reopening plans this week. Here's the latest.

Missing Wallet, Laptop And Mystery After NJ Man's Coronavirus Death

Larry Cohen died at a New Jersey hospital of the coronavirus; his family received only his phone, keys and 2 coins. A probe is underway.

NJ Clarifies Live Graduation, 'Wave Parades' In Coronavirus Order

The Murphy administration is now saying it will allow some "wave parades," and it's not ruling out live graduations in NJ. Here's what's new.

Gov. Murphy: Outdoor NJ Graduations Can Happen – In Your Car

The in-car graduations are a change from Saturday's order limiting high schools to virtual commencement ceremonies.

McLoone Reopens 7 Restaurants: '50 Percent Capacity Won't Cut It'

Being told he can reopen at 50 percent capacity, an idea floated by Gov. Murphy and others, "doesn't cut it. We won't make it to January."

Monmouth State Senator Calls For 'Rebellion, Defy Gov. Murphy'

A Monmouth County state senator who tweeted Saturday night calling for "rebellion" and for people to "defy Gov. Murphy" explained his tweet.

Six Flags Reopening Safari Drive-Through Experience

Since 2013, safari tours have been by groups, in trucks. The coronavirus is bringing back the in-your-car tours at Great Adventure.

WATCH: Shark Takes A Swim By LBI Beach

Despite an unusual summer coming up, one Long Beach Island guest kept to their visiting traditions: the occasional shark.

Gov. Murphy: 'Robust' Coronavirus Test, Tracing For Reopen Coming

WATCH: Gov. Murphy said he plans to release a "robust" coronavirus test and tracing plan for reopening. Here's when he plans to do it.

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