NJ Distance Learning Leaves Children Vulnerable, Parents Say: PM

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NJ Distance Learning Leaves Children Vulnerable, Parents Say

A lax set of restrictions has allowed New Jersey students access to inappropriate content and conversations, some parents say.>>>Read more.

Outrage After Man Re-Enacts George Floyd Death At Protest

The community expressed outrage after a man was seen kneeling on a dummy's neck while yelling at George Floyd protesters.

NJ Coronavirus, Reopen Updates On Tuesday: Here's What You Need To Know

Here are the New Jersey towns and counties and their numbers of cases, as well as the latest developments on the impact of the coronavirus and the announcements of reopenings in New Jersey.

'It Was Not His Time:' NJ Men Mourn Father Killed In VA

John Menna Sr., a former New Jersey resident, was slain in his home; his sons, John Jr. and Tommy, are left to pick up the pieces of his life.

NJ's Top Cop Prays For Gordon Family, Officer In Fatal Shooting

The comments came as officials investigate a New Jersey state trooper's fatal shooting of Maurice Gordon, a black man. The family has questioned whether race was an issue.

Anti-Racist Book Request Rise At Ridgewood's Bookends, Elsewhere

As national sales of anti-racist literature rise, Bookends owner Walter Boyer shares the most requested titles at his Ridgewood store.

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