NJ gov. visits Camden to mark state's 1st day of police camera mandate

Gov. Murphy, alongside other state and local officials in Camden, said that 487 departments across New Jersey had applied for and been approved for about $58 million in grants to buy cameras.

Video Transcript

- It's the beginning of a new era for law enforcement in New Jersey. Today, state leaders gathered in Camden to mark the implementation of a policy requiring all uniformed officers in the state to be outfitted with body cameras. Governor Murphy signed a bill back in November that requires all officers statewide to wear the cameras while on duty. Lawmakers earmarked $58 million in grants to fund that program.

PHIL MURPHY: Today is an opportunity for us to further cement New Jersey's role as a national leader in smart police reforms that seek to bridge divides and not exacerbate them.

- Now, the new law also requires all body cam footage to be kept for at least 180 days.