NJ handymen provide helping hand to storm-ravaged TX

Since arriving Sunday, they've been going house-to-house in Texas making critical plumbing repairs.

Video Transcript

- Seeing the devastating pictures out of Texas last week moved so many people to want to help or donate. And for a plumber in New Jersey, it meant gathering up his family, hopping in the car, and driving right to the heart of it so he could get to work. New Jersey reporter Toni Yates has a look.

TONI YATES: Meet Morristown, New Jersey, plumber Andrew Mitchell on the right, his brother-in-law and apprentice Isiah Pinnock on the left. They're not in New Jersey anymore, at least not for now.

ANDREW MITCHELL: So we're here in Texas. We are on our way to the first call. The first call is a busted water line.

TONI YATES: They're on a road trip that took them six states away to storm ravaged Texas.

ISIAH PINNOCK: Yeah, we drove down here 25 hours.

TONI YATES: The family has family in Houston, but their journey goes way beyond going down to help the in-laws. Mitchell and his wife Kisha bought $2,000 worth of plumbing supplies before they left New Jersey.

KISHA PINNOCK: A lot of people's homes have lost power, have lost heat. Some people have been without water for days, almost over a week.

TONI YATES: Packed up baby Blake, uncle Isiah riding shotgun. And since arriving Sunday, they've been going house to house in Texas making critical plumbing repairs.

KISHA PINNOCK: People can't get water, so we drove down here on Saturday. We got here on Sunday, and we went straight to work. Andrew and Isiah-- Isiah has been a huge help as a plumber's helper. Andrew has been teaching him a lot. They've been getting busy. They've been getting to work. And we're just really excited and thankful that we could be a blessing to other people.


ANDREW MITCHELL: Busted water line.

TONI YATES: --they've made a difference.

- I want to thank you for coming out and doing an incredible job in my home. You all did an exceptional work. It was expedient, professional.

TONI YATES: No word on when the family's headed back. They say there is so much work to be done to get families down there back online.