NJ increases capacity for houses of worship, religious services

Houses of worship and religious services in New Jersey received some good news from Governor Phil Murphy Monday afternoon.

Video Transcript

PHIL MURPHY: Today, I'm pleased to announce that our houses of worship and religious services can now operate at 50% capacity with no cap effective. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have strived to accommodate our communities of faith to the greatest extent possible. We know that for many of our residents, the ability to worship together plays a central role in well-being and mental health.

As our numbers continue to decline, we believe we can safely take this step. It is important to remember that masks will continue to be required unless they must be briefly removed for religious purposes, such as taking communion. Additionally, members of different households must be at least 6 feet apart at all times. Because of the safeguards, we are allowing houses of worship to welcome more congregants. And faith leaders can, of course, choose to limit services to a smaller number than 50% capacity s if they feel that is best for their community.