NJ Libertarian On His D-10 Run: 'Fair Yet Flawed System'

Eric Kiefer
·2 min read

ESSEX COUNTY, NJ — John Mirrione says he has questions about how election results are reported. But overall, he appreciates the hard work done by workers during an unprecedented 2020 election.

According to unofficial results from the Associated Press, Mirrione, who ran for U.S. Congress in the New Jersey’s 10th District, has come up short in his quest to unseat Rep. Donald Payne Jr., a Democratic Party member who has garnered more than 83 percent of the vote as of Thursday.

Mirrione also ran against Republican Jennifer Zinone and independent candidates Akil Khalfani and Khaliah Fitchette.

Mirrione, a karate expert, small business owner and U.S. Air Force veteran, said that his online vote count fluctuated last week, dipping from 1,040 to 707 at one point, before rising to 943 as of Thursday, according to the Associated Press (AP). But his campaign has come up empty after trying to track down the reason why.

According to the AP, here's how it reports results and declares election winners.

The experience has left Mirrione with some questions, a campaign spokesperson said.

“It showed that there was such a rush to report results that it could have led to mistakes being made,” the spokesperson said.

According to Mirrione, there needs to be a “secured, uniform digital method” to conduct future elections.

“The system is both fair but it is still flawed,” Mirrione said, adding that he appreciates the efforts of election workers and county officials during an unprecedented time.

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This article originally appeared on the Newark Patch