NJ man arrested, released days before pointing gun at officer

A Vineland, New Jersey man is in custody, charged with attempting to kill a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania police officer.

Video Transcript

SHARRIE WILLIAMS: Charged with attempted murder of a Montgomery County police officer, authorities now say he was arrested just days before the nearly deadly encounter in another state. Action News reporter, Trish Hartman, live in Whitemarsh Township with the full story. Trish.

TRISH HARTMAN: Well, Sharrie, this is the corner where that very close call happened, here in Whitemarsh Township. We also now know the suspect was in police custody in New Jersey, days before he was charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, here in Pennsylvania. Surveillance video from a home appears to show the suspect, Reynaldo Figueroa-Ardon of Vineland, New Jersey, walking down Mulberry Lane in Whitemarsh Township on Wednesday morning.

MAUREEN CRISCUOLE: My husband saw him, approximately like 7:30, 7:45, about a little after 8:00. When I was sitting, working, and looked out the window, I noticed that there were cop cars down at the end of [INAUDIBLE]

TRISH HARTMAN: Authorities say a neighbor called 911 after witnessing a man in a green and orange hoodie trying to open a parked car doors. According to a police affidavit, when officer Matthew Stadulis responded, the suspect first ignored his command to stop, then pulled out a gun, pointed it directly at Stadulis' head, and pulled the trigger several times. The gun did not fire, and the two men began to struggle. Several minutes later, you can see more officers arrive.

EMILY GALLO: We didn't find out more about the gun until later. So that was just really scary for us, because it's not ever anything that would happen here.

TRISH HARTMAN: Two days prior to this on Monday, police in New Jersey say Figueroa-Ardon stole a vehicle in Vineland, attempted to break into a home in Downe Township, and was later taken into custody in North Wildwood. State and local police say, in these instances, the suspect was issued a summons in accordance with New Jersey's criminal justice reform guidelines, going from North Wildwood police to New Jersey State Police, and then to Vineland police. It's unknown how he got to Pennsylvania, or if he has any connections to the Whitemarsh area.

The suspect is now in the Montgomery County Correctional Facility on a $3 and 1/2 million bail. He is charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and related crimes. That officer was not seriously injured and is expected to be OK. Reporting live in Whitemarsh Township, Trish Hartman, Channel Six Action News. Sharrie?