NJ police arrest man barricaded in car, claimed to be armed: Officials

Police in New Jersey have arrested a man after he barricaded himself inside a car and claimed to be armed, according to authorities.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news out of New Jersey. A standoff with police in Jersey City came to an end just a short time ago. Shannon Sohn, live in News Copter 7, with how it ended and what she can tell us about what occurred here. Shannon?

SHANNON SOHN: Yeah, this area was alive with police department activity. We're going to bring up StreetSpotter 7 and show you. This is all happening at Clinton Avenue and JFK Boulevard. A standoff that started in the morning and ended less than an hour ago, and it all started with an ongoing investigation by the North Bergen Police Department.

They had an investigation into the driver of this vehicle. The vehicle wound up parked in Jersey City, and the suspect had barricaded himself in the vehicle, telling North Bergen Police that he was armed. North Bergen Police then called in the Jersey City Police force to aid them in the investigation and the standoff, and that is when Jersey City took over.

We've got some tape that we can show you from when we were overhead, when they finally got this suspect in custody. This started at 10:45 this morning. Almost five hours later, at 3:20, they got that suspect into custody. He had no weapon on him. We watched them bring him up JFK Boulevard and into the parking lot at the 7-Eleven. Again, no weapon found, no one injured.

At this point, the question is whether or not there were any weapons inside the car. The investigation that is ongoing by North Bergen Police is still in question, not quite sure what that is all about. But this did end peacefully after a five-hour standoff that disrupted traffic throughout Jersey City. Reporting--