NM Notify technology

NM Notify technology

Video Transcript

- The NM Notify technology is making a difference in getting New Mexicans quarantined and tested for the virus.

- Action 7 News reporter Stella Sun spoke with health officials to see how it's helping us fight this pandemic.

STELLA SUN: The Department of Health launched the NM Notify in an effort to alert New Mexicans faster to when they've likely been exposed to the virus. They say since it launched, hundreds of New Mexicans have been notified. More than 283,000 have switched on COVID exposure notifications. That's about one in five New Mexicans.

JIM WALTON: The more people that use it, the more effective it can become.

STELLA SUN: Jim Walton with the Department of Health says since they launched the NM Notify technology in March, 577 people have gotten exposure alerts.

JIM WALTON: That is 577 people that can take immediate action to quarantine and to protect their loved ones and to get tested.

STELLA SUN: He says a recent study by Oxford University found for every two activations, that saves one COVID infection.

JIM WALTON: Of 283,000 people, we could almost estimate that half of that number, so 140,000, could have prevented that many infections at this point, so it's a huge tool.

STELLA SUN: The Department of Health says it doesn't know your name, it doesn't take any personal information, it doesn't track your location, but it does save lives. Now this is how you opt in. If you have an iPhone, head on over to your Settings. Scroll down to the Exposure Notifications, then switch it on. If you have an Android, head to the Google Play Store and search NM Notify. When you turn it on, your phone's Bluetooth will share anonymous tokens with other users. It only alerts you if you've been within six feet of a COVID-positive person for over 15 minutes.

JIM WALTON: It's one more tool in the toolbox.

STELLA SUN: The tokens that your phone's Bluetooth shares does not give any personal information or your location. Again, completely anonymous. Reporting in Albuquerque, I'm Stella Sun, KOAT Action 7 News.

- You will be notified if you've been exposed when the person who has COVID authorizes NM Notify to send an alert within 14 days.