NMSU professor creates ‘all things Hatch chile’ cookbook

NMSU professor creates ‘all things Hatch chile’ cookbook

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A New Mexico State University professor created a cookbook that deals with “all things Hatch chile,” saying it’s a New Mexico favorite.

Kelly Coffeen told KTSM she’s had a passion for cooking since she was 15 years old.

“Started baking, and then from there I went on to creating just fun dishes for my family. And then when I was working on my master’s here at New Mexico State, I created the “Great college cookbook in the Southwest,” which was a self-published book,” Coffeen said.

Since then, Coffeen has now published a total of six books, her latest is called “The Big Book of Hatch Chile,” she said it’s a New Mexico staple.

“It’s very well known around the world. And we’re lucky enough that we live 40 miles, and in El Paso, you know, less than 100 miles from Hatch,” Coffeen said.

She told KTSM that in her latest cookbook, it not only features the traditional Mexican food recipes.

“But there’s lots of different ways to use Hatch chile. Red chile, green chile, dried, fresh,” Coffeen said.

Coffeen even said her favorite recipes include red chile crusted salmon.

“My green chile chicken alfredo is a favorite. A lot of the entrees are fun, but even in desserts, you know, there’s some really fun desserts. The apple chimichanga with Hatch green chile, there’s a really rich fudge recipe for the holidays. It’s great with some Hatch red chili powder in it,” Coffeen said.

Coffeen said that a lot of time and preparations go into creating one of her books, as The Big Book of Hatch Chile took three years from start to finish.

“It was two years of cooking, and tasting, and testing and reformatting recipes,” Coffeen said.

KTSM asked Coffeen if she would do it all over again and she said that right now, she wouldn’t do it since it is time consuming, although she always has food ideas in her mind.

Coffeen even shared advice to others out there wanting to follow in her footsteps.

“I think it’s just about really being good at what you do. And if that’s being a recipe writer, then just really work on that craft,” Coffeen said.

Coffeen then shared a special piece of the book with KTSM and that is in the center.

Coffeen said she has found different vendors and processors in the world that sell and ship Hatch chile worldwide.

She said no matter where you are in the world, everyone could get their hands on Hatch chile.

“The Big Book of Hach Chile it’s a book for everyone,” Coffeen said.

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