No. 5: Businesses head north in 2022

Dec. 31—The St. Joseph community welcomed several new businesses to the area in 2022, with most of them locating on the North Belt Highway.

The openings and announcements that attracted the most attention were HomeGoods, Crumbl Cookie, Whataburger and Bath & Body Works.

HomeGoods opened its doors to the public on Nov. 10 in the North Shoppes in the vacant Bed, Bath and Beyond location.

Crumbl Cookie announced in the early fall they would be coming to St. Joseph, and they officially opened for business on Dec. 1, also in the North Shoppes. Bath & Body Works officials said at the end of November that they will be opening a location right next door to that cookie shop later this winter.

And Kay Jewelers is moving into a vacant spot just a short walk through the parking lot into a location fronting the Belt Highway.

Whataburger hasn't made any official announcements on its future St. Joseph opening, but a site plan given to city officials shows the business could potentially fill a spot on the southwest corner of the Belt Highway and Karnes Road.

All of the openings drew a variety of reactions from the public. Some were thrilled to see bigger chains coming to the area, while others worried for local businesses.