No. 8: Mosaic top leader exits health system

Dec. 31—Dr. Mark Laney planned to step down as CEO of Mosaic Life Care in 2024. He didn't get that far.

In a surprise February announcement, the hospital said Laney had taken early retirement. Soon following him out the door was chief operating officer Michael Pulido. That happened after Dr. Davin Turner resigned two months earlier as chief medical officer. Laney's decision put a cap on a 33-year career, including 13 years with the hospital, called Heartland Health at the time he joined.

Mike Poore arrived to serve as interim CEO in place of Laney. Known for soothing chaos in the wake of a departure, Poore had worked several times before on an interim basis at hospitals nationwide. Later, Mosaic had two more surprises: In June, it picked Poore to stay on for good as CEO, and in August, it welcomed Turner back as chief administrative officer.

Turner had been working as CEO for a Tennessee network of hospitals but departed after less than a year to come back to St. Joseph. Poore said it just made sense to offer Turner the chance to work at Mosaic again, based on his reputation as a physician and a leader.

Mosaic has not commented on why Laney left. Questions from News-Press NOW have produced the same response: A reference back to the February news release that Laney would be leaving.

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