No Appointment Necessary

Suburban Cook County health leaders want you to know it will be easier than ever to get your COVID-19 shot.

Video Transcript

- Still need a vaccine? Just walk into any county-- Cook County mass vaccination clinic starting today. You don't need an appointment. County officials tried it out last week at a couple of sites. It was so popular, they expanded it now to all six locations.

ELIZABETH MARTINEZ: I think it's better because people are still working. And they don't have the time off to just come randomly.

AMANDA PRIDMORE: I think it's great. I have no problem with it. The more people [INAUDIBLE] vaccinated, the better.

- Make sure you bring an ID with you. There are six locations, five with Pfizer, and one, Tinley Park, with Moderna. Each site is open 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM every day but Sunday.