No arrests reported two months after Easter Sunday mass shooting, what police are saying

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On Easter Sunday, a massive teen party was held on the city’s North Side. The event would claim the lives of two teens as dozens of shots rang out. Now two months later, police have provided little to no information about where the investigation stands.

In the early hours of April 17, more than 200 teenagers packed a small Airbnb rental for a massive party that would end in tragedy.

Police said 11 people were shot, including two teens who died after more than 50 rounds were fired inside.

Despite the fact that there were so many people at the party, there have been very few details released — and no arrests.

Channel 11′s been digging for answers over the last eight weeks.

We asked police again if the man who they said was a person of interest back in May is now a suspect and if he was in custody.

“There are no updates to share with media about the Easter shooting investigation at this time, even as it pertains to the individual who was identified from the photo,” responded Cara Cruz, a Pittsburgh police public information officer.

Councilman Bobby Wilson, who represents the district, echoed that no additional information had been shared with him concerning the investigation, but he did make a plea to the public.

“There is a continual plea out there for anyone who has information to contact us and let us know what happened that night and what they saw,” said Wilson.

Wilson added that the property’s current condition of broken glass and boarded windows is unacceptable, and he plans to follow up on getting it restored immediately.

“We want these windows repaired. This is unacceptable to see. People ... drive past this and relive the trauma of what happened,” said Wilson.

Community members shared that since the mass shooting, there is a larger police presence in the area, but they say it shouldn’t have taken a tragedy to make that happen.

“I believe this should be the first and last time this happens. It’s a tragedy that it had to happen in the first place for it to get safe around here,” said a nearby neighbor.

At this time, no arrests have been made. Police are asking for the public to be patient and understand that if they release additional info to the public, it may compromise the investigation.


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