No Damages Awarded for Parking-Lot Crash




The driver of a minivan was found not liable for injuries reported by a pickup truck driver after a parking-lot collision.

On June 22, 2014, Steven Braddock, then 51, was driving in a Brandon parking lot when his truck was struck by Walter Zimmerman, who was backing out of a parking spot. Braddock claimed Zimmerman failed to yield to his pickup truck, causing the crash. Braddock reported cervical and lumbar herniations as well as bursitis in his left shoulder as a result of the crash.

Zimmerman claimed Braddock was comparatively negligent for driving at an excessive speed and failing to watch for vehicles pulling out of parking spots. Defense counsel denied Braddock's injuries were caused by the crash.

Case: Braddock v. Zimmerman

Case No.: 15-CA-003496

Plaintiffs attorneys: Stephen A. Barnes and John V. Trujillo Jr., Barnes Trial Group, Tampa; Paul S. Reed, Reed & Reed Law, Brandon

Defense attorneys: Jennifer L. Rosinski and Christina M. Sanabria, Law Offices of Sanabria & Marsh, Plantation