No end in sight for Brady after Super Bowl glory

Los Angeles (AFP) - New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said he has no plans to retire and wants to keep playing for several more years following his fifth Super Bowl victory.

Brady, 39, told Sports Illustrated's blog that he sees himself playing until his mid-40s provided his fitness holds up.

"I'd like to play until my mid-40s," Brady told the MMQB's Peter King.

"Then I'll make a decision. If I'm still feeling like I'm feeling today, who knows? Now, those things can always change. You do need long-term goals too. I know next year is not going to be my last year."

Brady, who became the second oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl after Peyton Manning with New England's 34-28 victory over Atlanta on February 5, showed no sign of his advanced years in the showpiece.

The Patriots star threw for a Super Bowl-record 466 yards including two touchdowns in the victory in Houston.

Brady credits his longevity to his monkish lifestyle habits, which includes a strict diet and an exercise regime which emphasizes muscle pliability.

"Other than playing football, the other thing I love to do is prepare to play football. I've worked hard to get a system in place that really works for me and I know could work for everybody else if they just did it," Brady said.

"That enables me to play 99 plays as a 39-year-old in the last game of the season. ... Football to me is more than just a sport. It has become my life. Every choice that I make ... what I have for breakfast, how I work out, all of those things. I love the game. I love playing."