No explosive found in DC bomb threat suspect's vehicle: Police

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Law enforcement in Washington, D.C., said no explosive device was found inside the vehicle of a man who was arrested near the Capitol on Thursday after he told police he had a bomb.

In a late afternoon update, Capitol Police said no bomb was discovered inside the suspect's truck parked outside the Library of Congress, but investigators did find possible bomb-making materials.

Police responded on Thursday morning to a suspicious vehicle pulled up onto the sidewalk outside the Library of Congress. The suspect said he had a bomb inside and demanded to speak to President Joe Biden, which led to the evacuation of nearby buildings and hours of negotiations between him and police.


The man also appeared to have a detonator in his hand, according to police.

The negotiations involved the suspect, whom law enforcement identified as 49-year old Floyd Ray Roseberry of Grover, North Carolina, holding up handwritten signs to officers through the truck's driver-side window, according to Capitol Police. Officers also delivered him a phone to use during negotiations.

Roseberry was seen in nearby security footage exiting the vehicle around 2:20 p.m. and surrendering to law enforcement.

A Facebook account under the name of Ray Roseberry published a video to the platform on Thursday that appeared to be recorded from inside the truck on the Capitol complex.

“I’ve called 911 and told them to come out here and clear this f***ing place out, they need to clear it out," a man could be heard saying in the video. "'Cause I got a bomb in here! I don’t want nobody hurt.”


The video has since been deleted.

Congress is currently on recess, and most of the nation's lawmakers were not at the Capitol across the street when the incident occurred. Still, individuals were working inside the Capitol and nearby office buildings, police said.

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