There will be no heating season in Sloviansk - Mayor

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Roman Petrenko  — Sunday, 24July 2022, 23:54

Vadym Liakh, Head of the Sloviansk City Military Administration, believes that it will be impossible to start the heating season with the onset of cold weather because of the war.

Source: Vadym Liakh quoted by Novyny Donbasu (Donbas News)

Quote from Liakh: "We understand that if the temperature falls below zero, the tank [with water] will freeze. The cistern, which we will drive up and leave overnight, will freeze. You may heat your apartment if there is electricity, but the sewage system will freeze.

You have to think seriously here, about how to survive - specifically to survive - because there will actually be no heating season."

Details: He stressed that the residents of Sloviansk should evacuate, as Russian troops would still attempt to seize the town.

Liakh stated that about 22,000 people remain in Sloviansk, including 3,000 - 4,000 children.