There’s no new iPad Air 3 this year, new report claims

Chris Smith

Apple is launching new iPad models this year, but the iPad Air 3 might not be one of them, a new report claims. This isn’t the first time Apple has been rumored to focus on different iPad models this year instead of launching a new version of its most popular tablet.

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According to Digitimes, Apple is preparing a new version of the iPad mini that would receive a modest upgrade compared to last year’s model. Apple largely ignored the small tablet in 2014 and released an iPad mini 3 whose only new features were Touch ID support and a new color option.

Recent reports have suggested that the iPad mini 4 will bring on a new design, similar to the iPad Air 2, but Digitimes doesn’t offer any details on the specs and features of the new iPad mini model. Instead, the tech news site says that Apple is conservative on its tablet output, given the overall lowered demand for tablets. However, the company’s suppliers are already working on parts for the upcoming iPad mini 4, the site says.

A previous report on Apple iPads said that Apple wants to release an updated iPad mini and the brand-new 12-inch iPad Pro in 2015, which is why the company might be considering ditching an iPad Air 3 upgrade for the time being. Assuming these reports are correct, this would be the first year when Apple wouldn’t launch a new 9.7-inch iPad.

It’s not clear at this time whether a 12-inch iPad Pro will indeed be launched this year. Apple is said to unveil its iPad plans for 2015 during the special iPhone event that will supposedly take place on September 9th.

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