"No let up from Ukrainians": Kharkiv region occupiers unable to carry out offensive the Security Service of Ukraine


The Ukrainian forces have pressured the Russian occupiers in the Kharkiv region so much that they haven’t been able to execute an order to launch an offensive for a month already.

Source: a new phone conversation between occupiers, intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine

Quote: "We’ve been stuck in this village for a month! We can’t carry out an offensive. The Ukrainians won’t stop launching attacks on our subdivision, they won’t let us move forward."

Details: The Russian occupier is complaining to a fellow soldier who is also in the Russian occupying forces but on a different front.

The Russians admit the high level of preparation of the Ukrainian forces and the effectiveness of their work. Ukrainians are destroying Russian armaments and military equipment, particularly mortars, so the Russians don’t want to move forward and carry out their offensive.

"We hope that very soon the occupiers on all fronts will be saying the same things," – stated the Security Service of Ukraine.