No Long Lines At Walk-In Vaccination Sites

CBS 2's Meredith Barack reports despite the high demand for the COVID vaccine, there are not many people lining up for walk-in shot appointments.

Video Transcript


- For the first time, no appointment needed at mass vaccination sites in the city. But we found, not many people are walking in. CBS 2's Meredith Barack, live outside the United Center. Meredith, no crowds to worry about today.

MEREDITH BARACK: Brad, there's a little bit of a 5 o'clock rush right now. But otherwise, we have not seen any crowds here today, despite the ease of being able to walk right up and get your vaccine. And it's not just something we are seeing here, but at several sites across the Chicago area.

PHILIP QUICK: We really expected every tier that we've hit. We expected a surge. And this is the first time that we're not seeing that demand that we really expected.

MEREDITH BARACK: So much so, Quick says Rush is seeing a 25% decrease in demand. And from Tinley Park to Triton College and all the way up in Lake County, all sites that now offer walk-up appointments, there were no long lines and plenty of empty parking spaces. With more supply than ever before, are we seeing less people lining up?

PHILIP QUICK: I think, in the beginning of the pandemic and when we rolled out our vaccine, there was such unavailability. And people still have that thought and that notion that there's just not availability. I still think there's fears about not having insurance and an out-of-pocket expense, which isn't an issue.

MEREDITH BARACK: Just across 290 at the United Center, there was a steady flow of people getting vaccines, but not an overwhelming amount. Alex Shaw says walking up for his first shot was a seamless process.

ALEX SHAW: There was like, 20 people, but it was very smooth. You never stopped for more than at least two seconds, so it was very, very smooth.

MEREDITH BARACK: Shaw says if you're someone who has been trying to find an appointment online, this might be just the move to make.

ALEX SHAW: If you just want to get it done with, I think this would be the best place.

MEREDITH BARACK: Now you are still able to make appointments here and at other sites across the city, county, at pharmacies, hospital systems. But after seeing how few people are utilizing this new walk-up option and how much supply is waiting to be used inside, walking up may be your best option to save time and finally get your vaccine.

Reporting live outside the United Center, I'm Meredith Barack, CBS 2 News.

- And here's what's behind the push to get more people vaccinated. The state reporting 3,300 new cases of the disease in the last 24 hours. The good news, our case positivity rate is falling, 3.6% now, the lowest in weeks. More than 3.6 million people in Illinois are now fully vaccinated. You can stay on top of the vaccine rollout on our website. Go to