No more hoodies — and no dresses for older students — allowed in Texas school district

Forney ISD/YouTube Screengrab
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Students of a northeast Texas school district will no longer be allowed to wear hoodies — or any clothing with hoods — while inside school buildings.

This was one of two “significant changes” announced in a letter to parents of Forney Independent School District ahead of the 2022-23 academic year.

The second major dress code update, which applies only to older students, bans dresses, skirts and skorts from students older than the fourth grade.

“The use of a school dress code is established to improve student self-esteem, bridge socio-economic differences among students, and promote positive behavior, thereby enhancing school safety and improving the learning environment,” the district said.

District leadership says this dress code policy is enforced for all grades and campuses, and it “gives the district a positive and distinctive identity and reflects the values of the schools and community.”

The dress code also forbids T-shirts, striped shirts and denim pants, as noted in the full policy shared online.

In announcing the changes to the hoods and dresses policy, the district shared a video of a young student who says she knows she needs to learn professionalism for her future career as a teacher.

“Every profession has a dress code, whether it’s scrubs, a welding helmet or a chef’s apron,” she said. “The way I dress plays an important role in the professionalism and safety both in the classroom and on the job site.”

She adds that professionalism is a top skill employers look for, so she is “starting early by shining in the classroom and following the school dress code.”

Superintendent Justin Terry says he wants Forney students to head into their futures with “important workforce skills,” and that includes being able to follow expectations.

“We are so excited to reset this bar with you ... as we work together to take our schools, our classrooms, back for the future of our kids to have a safe, enjoyable and exciting learning environment in Forney ISD.”

Forney is about 20 miles east of downtown Dallas.

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