No 'normal' UK Christmas, finance minister warns

Sunak described the situation as "frustrating", but said Prime Minister Boris Johnson is "looking at ways to see how families can spend time with each other."

England will end a national COVID-19 lockdown on Dec. 2 and move into tougher tiered regional restrictions than before, with more areas facing severe constraints to prevent the virus from reigniting, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's office said on Saturday (November 21).

A second wave of infections has started to flatten, official data shows, but scientific advisers are expected to warn on Monday (November 23) that previous regional restrictions did not go far enough and harder measures are needed to prevent another national lockdown.

Video Transcript

RISHI SUNAK: And with regard to Christmas, I think frustrating as it is for all of us, Christmas is not going to be normal this year. But that said, the prime minister and everyone else were looking at ways to see how families can spend some time with each other over Christmas period. Obviously, that's something that we would like to do.

BORIS JOHNSON: Of course, we need more compassionate people.

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