No, That Photo of Curiosity Rover Isn’t Fake, NASA Actually Uses Zip Ties On Mars Rovers

A recent photo of NASA’s last rover went viral when some spotted zip ties on the device which made a 350-million-mile journey through space and then landed on an alien planet.

Video Transcript

- You may have seen this photo recently. It was taken on the Curiosity Rover's is 3,079th day on Mars, the equivalent of more than 8 years on Earth. While it was meant to show off the Rover's tired treads, more people seem to notice these, a pair of zip ties holding some tubing in place. And it had many calling foul saying that the image wasn't even real, but it is and NASA does use zip ties even on their former flagship rover that survived a 350-million mile journey through space, a planetary landing exceeding temperatures of 2,370 degrees Fahrenheit, and on a device that reportedly cost around $2.5 billion to develop.

But why zip ties? Well, they're not standard zip ties. These are NASA zip ties. They were specially developed for space and planetary landings and they're made of Tefzel ETFE, a material that can withstand exceedingly high temperatures, as well as extreme radiation like you might find in space and on Mars. So the only real danger for these zip ties maybe if Curiosity found signs of Martian life and they happened to be carrying a pair of scissors.