No priority queue for French people being tested for Covid

SHOTLIST PARIS, FRANCESEPTEMBER 18, 2020SOURCE: AFPTV 1. Low angle shot queue in front of the medical analysis laboratory2. Mid shot of the people in the queue which can reach more than 60m before the opening of the laboratory. 3. SOUNDBITE 1 - Hiba Benamar, School teacher in Seine-et-Marne (has symptoms and a prescription, but could not be detected in this laboratory due to lack of space, she was redirected to another laboratory) (female, 21 years old, French, 12 sec): "I have symptoms, I have a prescription, and I am a school teacher, so if I have Covid, and I arrive at school on Monday, I'll make you a cluster in Seine-et-Marne! It's a bit complicated: I have to take the test." "J'ai des symptômes, j'ai une ordonnance, et je suis professeur des écoles, donc si là j'ai le Covid, et que j'arrive à l'école lundi, je vous fais un cluster dans la Seine-et-Marne! C'est un peu compliqué: je suis obligée de passer le test." 4. Cutaway: Low angle shot people entering the laboratory for a screening test (during the dedicated time slot) 5. SOUNDBITE 2 - Hiba Benamar, School teacher in Seine-et-Marne (has symptoms and a prescription, but could not be detected in this laboratory due to lack of space, she was redirected to another laboratory) (female, 21 years old, French, 17 sec): "Yesterday, I spent the day calling all the laboratories in Paris, they were all full, they offered me dates: October 6, October 15... But the problem is that I have a four-day break, in those four days, I have to take the test, get the result, so I don't contaminate my students." "Hier, j'ai passé la journée à appeler tous les laboratoires de Paris, ils étaient tous complets, ils me proposaient des dates: 6 octobre, 15 octobre... Mais le problème c'est que moi, là, j'ai un arrêt de 4 jours, dans ces 4 jours-là, je dois passer le test, avoir le résultat, pour pas aller contaminer mes élèves, quoi." 6. Cutaway: Low angle shot sign at the entrance of the laboratory: 'Delay of results, 96 hours minimum, Covid PCR tests only, no blood samples, thank you' 7. Cutaway: Low angle shot from the lab sign to the queue 8. SOUNDBITE 3 - Inès Cussonnier, Recruitment Officer (she has Covid symptoms and a prescription) (female, 28 years old, French, 13 sec): "I already thought that we were going to prioritise, that the people who had prescriptions were going to go first, as well as the people who had symptoms, and I was told that no, that everyone went at the same time, and that everyone was a priority." "Je pensais déjà qu'on allait faire par priorité, que les personnes qui avaient des ordonnances allaient passer en premier, ainsi que les personnes qui avaient des symptômes, et on m'a répondu que non, que tout le monde passait en même temps, et que tout le monde était prioritaire." 9. Cutaway: Low angle shot Nicolas Lebreton (Soundbite 5) and Mathilde Pilain (Soundbite 4) in the queue at the laboratory, they have been waiting for more than two hours to be tested / 10. SOUNDBITE 4 - Mathilde Pilain, Arts Student (was informed that her test would be treated first because of her operation) (female, 22 years old, French, 9 sec): "I have absolutely no symptoms, but I'm having surgery next week and my doctor demands that I take the test or I won't be admitted to the clinic." "J'ai absolument aucun symptôme, mais je me fais opérer la semaine prochaine et mon médecin exige que je passe le test sinon je suis pas admise à la clinique." 11. Mid shot Nicolas Lebreton (Soundbite 5) in the laboratory queue 12. SOUNDBITE 5 - Nicolas Lebreton, Mechanical Engineer (contact case of two people) (male, 26 years old, French, 8 sec): "I do it mostly on principle, and I'm quite serene about the fact that I don't have it, and for the moment, I can work from home, so it's not a problem, we're waiting." "Je le fais surtout par principe, et je suis assez serein sur le fait que je l'ai pas, et pour le moment, je peux télétravailler, donc c'est pas un problème, on attend." 13. Pull focus of the people in the queue which can reach more than 60m before the opening of the laboratory ///-----------------------------------------------------------AFP TEXT STORY: French cities face new virus curbs in 'race against the clock'Paris, Sept 17, 2020 (AFP) - French authorities are preparing tighter restrictions in several cities to curtail a surge in Covid-19 cases that could again overwhelm hospitals, Health Minister Olivier Veran said Thursday.Veran, who will now hold weekly press conferences to chart the outbreak's progression, said measures would be announced for Lyon and Nice by Saturday, after curbs on public gatherings were imposed this week in Bordeaux and Marseille.Marseille could see even more restrictions, such as bar closings or a ban on public gatherings, "if the situation doesn't improve," he said.Already the so-called incidence rate, the number of cases for every 100,000 inhabitants, stands at 200 in Lyon and Nice, which Veran said was four times the virus alert threshold.And a growing number of patients require intensive care, he said, heightening fears of a surge that would strain hospitals and health workers after the pandemic flared in March."Our battle is to implement the measures that will avoid an influx at hospitals -- it's a race against the clock," Veran warned."We have to take these decisions at the right time; not too early because they are restrictions, but not too late either."Veran also urged patience over Covid-19 tests following widespread complaints of long waits for appointments and results, especially in Paris and other large cities.Only people showing symptoms or with a doctor's prescription should seek tests, he said, to avoid a deluge of requests at labs already struggling to keep up.He said the health ministry had ordered five million antigen test kits, which can give preliminary readings on Covid-19 contagion in just 30 minutes, for delivery in early October.And regulatory approval for saliva tests is expected "imminently", he said.France has reported nearly 10,000 new cases per day over the past week, prompting officials to urge people to limit social gatherings and maintain handwashing and other protective measures.Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told a Senate panel Thursday that nearly 45,000 fines of 135 euros ($160) each had been issued for not wearing a face mask since the nationwide virus lockdown was lifted in -------------------------------------------------------------