No respite for UK hospital workers in virus battle

In Britain's COVID-19 wards, the pandemic feels both epic and intimate as staff fight the virus one patient at a time, with no end in sight. Each day, the U.K. sees tens of thousands of new coronavirus infections and at least 1,000 more deaths. (Jan. 28)

Video Transcript

- And then everybody [INAUDIBLE] on this.


- So we have to take it each moment as it comes. So if you're working in a COVID pandemic, if you're working on a ward, you take every shift as it comes, you take every day as it comes. You respond to the call as it comes. You may fall down, and you get yourself up. You may feel low. You pick yourself up. You may have a cry. You may want to talk to your colleagues. But we're here to care for patients and care for each other.

- It's going to come down to [INAUDIBLE]

- Lines are OK.

- Yeah, lines [INAUDIBLE].


- There's a big gap in how this is perceived by the public. And that's part of it. It's not shown how-- what happens to the patients, the way the affect the doctors of their treatment how it's affecting them having to give this treatment. And I think it's been a fundamental error because people haven't related to it. You see the figures-- the daily figures-- and they're nameless faces.