‘No sense’ in transferring Abrams tanks to Ukraine for now, Pentagon says

Tank Abrams
Tank Abrams

According to Singh, Abrams tanks consume too much fuel for Kyiv’s forces to keep any meaningful number of them supplied – in contrast to UK Challenger and German Leopard tanks.

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“Transferring Abrams to Ukraine makes no sense at this stage, due to the high cost of maintaining them,” said Singh.

“As you know, we’ve provided Bradley (Infantry Fighting Vehicles), and we see other countries picking up pace in supplying Ukraine with equipment and materiel.”

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She added that it’s for Germany to decide how it should aid Ukraine’s war effort, but the United States is doing everything it can to make sure Ukrainian troops get “what then require.”

On Jan. 18, German media reported Scholz told U.S. President Joe Biden that Berlin will greenlight shipments of Leopard tanks to Ukraine after Washington sends its own Abrams main battle tanks.

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